Learn the no pressure tactics that bring people to Christ.
"The book Invitality is for Christians of all ages, from new believer to seasoned scholar. Invitality is an easy to read transformational experience, combining a mentorship adventure with a mandate from God.”- Happy Customer Raving Fan
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"This Book Changed My Life!"

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"I am Not Afraid To Witness Anymore!"
"I used to be afraid to witness to people for fear of rejection. This book changed that and now all I do is talk to people!" - TinaK
"Finally,  A Blueprint For Reaching The Lost"
"This is the first book I have ever found principles easy enough to follow. Now my whole family gets involved!" - Contreina J
"Game-changing book We Use It At Our University!"
"This book is so good we have implemented it in our curriculum! This book makes it easy to teach others!" - Raving Fan

Has Your Evangelism Grown Boring and Unproductive? 

Are you ready to kick boredom in the face and re-ignite your passion for the lost?

My Proven Method To Reach More Souls For Christ!

Are you really feeling Jesus’s compassion for people far from God? Is your personal evangelism lifeless and your church stagnate? Are you laying up treasure in heaven?

This powerful and practical book will empower you to easily evangelize by inviting people into your life, your church, and into Christ. Feel the compassion of Christ. Participate in the harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God. Change your personal habits and church culture. You can share Jesus without killing relationships!

This book empowers all Christians everywhere to bring people to salvation! This is a simple yet profound book, carrying at its core, the mandate of the Christian Church in this age: GO and COMPEL.

And That's When It Hit Me...

I have sensed the God of heaven’s armies and my Best Friend speaking to me for some time to bring this message of Invitality to the church. Today, in obedience to the call of my Savior, in honor of His plan of redemption, and in expectation of a great swell of people being added to the church, I share this message. This is not because I am anything great in and of myself, but because I am a person God has chosen to bring a message and that message I must declare. This message is an encouragement, a comfort, a teaching, a paradigm shift, and a lifestyle change.

So If You're Struggling With Reaching Souls For Christ...  

This Book Is For You!

This book is not meant to be "read only." It is a tool that is meant to be applied in the spirit of Acts 1:1 “These things Jesus began both to do and teach.”

For the reader’s understanding of this book I will clarify how the book is organized.

• The beginning chapters address the heart.
• The middle chapters address the message.
• Later chapters address practical tactics.

For the full experience of spiritual growth, download the Free Personal and Small Group Transformation Guide.

Here's A Few Secrets You'll Discover In The Book (FREE)

Here's A Sneak Peek of What's Inside:

What You Will Get FromThis Book...

  • #1: Will Help You To Grow Spiritually
  • #2: You Will Catch A Contagious Compassion For People
  • #3: Learn The No Pressure Tactics That Bring People To Christ.
  • #4: Increase Your Results And Reward In Heaven
  • #5: You Avoid Feelings of Rejection
  • #6: Ignite Fresh Momentum Within Your Local Church
  • #7: Will Show Every Christian How They Can Reach More Souls For Christ Effortlessly
  • #8: Break Free From The Battles of Your Own Mind And Free Yourself From The Chains Of Doubt So You Can Manifest Your Destiny As A Soul Winner
  • #9: Discover Surefire Ways To Evangelize Without Killing Relationships
  • #10: STOP Worrying About The Fear of Rejections

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